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Design toolkit for side hustlers, founders and dreamers

A one-stop shop design warehouse to kick-start your business. Hire once, build trust once and get things done today.

Flat Rate Services

You do your CEO stuff and we’ll handle the rest for you

Foster Innovation

Be a problem solver, be an ideator and be a designer.

Free Consultation

Chat with us about your business or ideas and we'll help you brainstorm them


Micro-services to help uplift your business

We offer a one-off flat rate price to makeover your business. You just need to hire once, build relationship once and let's get things done.


Let's get down to business

Feeling lost or don’t know where to start? Tell us your idea and get a free consultation. Let's do things right this time and save your time and money.

Bizkit Lab Mentoring Program for Designers

We train our future UX/UI designers to be thought leaders and equipped them industry standard skills so that they are ready to work for you.


Concept Testing

Penny is an exceptional individual, highly conscientious, proactive and passionate about her work. Penny's ability to absorb requirements of a project whilst also challenging the thought process is extremely rare and valuable. You are in good hands, working with Penny!

Tighernach Murphy

Sales Director at inQuba

What's your business?

Tell us about your idea or your current business! We will then assess how we can personalise your new business journey together. For free.

Penny will get in touch with you soon

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