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Website Redesign for Beauty Services: Salon De Jay

When the business manager of Salon De Jay needed a website design help, we had to step in! The project was done with WIX platform and took about 2 weeks to complete the redesign and implement it. Throughout the process, we took our client on a website redesign journey to uncover their branding and business value as well. Check out the full website here.

About Salon De Jay

Salon De Jay is a boutique beauty services specialising in eyelash extension and brows, located in St. Ives. Established in 2014, the business has been gaining tractions mostly on Instagram platform and through a word of mouth. As the business grow, website was needed to host the services and contact information for their customers.

Design Process

Our website redesign process always starts with black and white wireframe (low-fidelity wireframe) to understand the skeleton and information architecture. This process usually takes around 3-5 days where we provide our client with a variations of the wireframe. From there, we can easily make changes!

After the approval of the low-fidelity wireframe, we then ask our client to fill in a branding template provided by us. The branding template will help us understand the brand value, the 'vibe' of the business and the message it's trying to communicate. We then replicate this into a form of design so that the brand value shines through the website.

Implementation Process

WIX platform has made it fast and simple to implement the design. Since the client already had a WIX website set up, it was a matter of going in and create a new page without publishing. During the implementation phase, we ensure that the images aren't large so the loading time of the website is faster. We also checked SEO of each pages so that it appears on the website! Last but not least, we ensure that the pages are optimised for mobile experience.

Penny did such a great job at designing our website! She was quick to understand the industry. She guided us in defining the personality of our brand and presented that flawlessly through the webpage. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

~ Julian Stafford

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