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Visualising an app idea with a basic wireframe- Food Delivery Pool

A short project for short budget

app delivery wireframe

Project Description

This project displays a mock-up app idea with a simple low-fidelity wireframe to bring your ideas to life within days. During the pandemic, food delivery has become very common in people's household. However, the cost and extra fee is extremely ridiculous such as delivery an ice cream tub for $75. Another issue is that for those living far away from the food hub (such as the city central), the restaurant options are extremely limited. This app tackles that problem by using the delivery pool with people within the neighbour to order from the same restaurants. With this bulk order approach, we can reduce the delivery cost, making it worthwhile to deliver to area that is far away from the district.

Got an app idea?

Whether you have an idea and need help visualising, we can help you bring your idea to life in a short timeframe. This short project is QUICK and AFFORDABLE for anyone! Contact here

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