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Our Vision

Foster innovation and entrepreneurship in people’s every day life.

Our Mission

Providing support and accessible tools to assist current and future founders

One person, multiple offers.
Stop hunting, start creating and make an impact today.

Founder Story

Penny Talalak

Penny is a full-time User Experience / User Interface Designer specialising in building the next start-up idea and improving existing businesses. With years of experience, Penny has designed for over 10 organisations from small businesses to big corporations.

Bizkit Lab was established to help people start working on their dream and foster innovation in every day's life. With the right tools, guidance and resources, we believe that anyone can create a business at any stage in their life. We know that money is a barrier, so we want to provide both free and affordable services to help you grow your business AND yourself.

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How We Work

Our Core Values

Create Together

The best produced work is from collaborating together.

Transparency, no secrets

Get a constant update on the progress, and no hidden fees.

Learn Together

We’re not the smartest but we know our shi*t.

Design is everywhere

It's not just about making things pretty. There's so much more.

Impact Driven

It’s not just making your business better, it's about you!

Genuine Relationship

No boss/employee relationship here. We’re your peers.


Let’s design together

You realise your ideas and products are great but people aren’t finding it attractive. I get it, first impression is everything and I am all here for it.

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